GRACE Technologies

Making Maintenance Safer, Smarter and more Productive

Our GracePort and Grace Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) drive innovation, enhance productivity and keep people safe and assets secure through simple and affordable solutions. Our GraceSense Predictive Maintenance System offers predictive maintenance capabilities and provide continuous monitoring and alert personnel when an unplanned shutdown is about to occur.

GracePort® panel interface connectors are fully customisable convenient access programming ports that make programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and industrial control panels safer and more productive to operate on with thru-door connectivity.

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GracePESDs® are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices that provide a safer and more productive means of performing Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) with permanently mounted presence of voltage LED indication and absence of voltage multimeter test points.

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GraceSense™ Predictive Maintenance System is our line of IIoT smart devices designed to reduce unplanned downtime by providing continuous, remote vibration and/or temperature monitoring for switchgears, transformers, and rotating equipment.

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