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Product Solution: Crompton Instruments Dual load (DL1) and Tri load (TL1) Meter
Application: Building and Construction

Ideal for applications such as Distribution Boards for light and power section J requirements and provides a cost-effective way of measuring multiple single and 3 phase loads. A cost effective, space saving approach by using one meter for multiple loads.

Product Solution: Crompton Integra 1221 and 1222 digital metering system
Applications: Building and Construction

The Crompton Integra 1221 and 1222 digital metering system enables cost effective solution for the measurement and display of all electrical parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD) for Main Switchboards.

With Modbus RTU (RS485) available on all models, the DIN 96 panel mounted enclosure includes integral panel mounting clips for quick and easy fitting. The range includes single phase, three phase three wire and three phase four wire capability all selectable at the point of installation.

Project: Aquaculture Farm
Product Solution: 12 Eaton DG1 Drives
Application: Agriculture

  • These were the first two of twelve pumps being installed for an expansion project (total diversified demand increase at the site is from 350kVA to 1400kVA)
  • Wall mount IP54 drives with PCB conformal coating were a requirement for the coastal marine environment.
  • The DG1 drives were selected on the basis of the communication protocols supported (without the need for option cards), 24 month standard warranty and stock levels.
  • Integration with the site PLC system over Ethernet/IP communications was easy and straight forward.

Project: New Building Block
Product Solution: Eaton 1000A Main Switchboard + 10 Lighting and Power Distribution Boards
Application: Building and Construction

  • Successful delivery of Eaton LV Switchgear + Crompton Metering into new building block.
  • Product support and competitive pricing during the tender stage assisted our client in securing this contract.
  • Switchboard Builder, Electrical Contractor, Buildering Contractor and End User all pleased with our Eaton solution.

Project: Baking Factory
Product Solution: Marechal Electric Decontactors
Application: Motors Connection

High pressure cleaning, temperature variations, mobility: in these conditions, the F&B industry requires heavy duty, resistant products. For the power supply of production lines and other conveyors, our industrial electrical socket outlets are ideal combining strength and modularity. The applications for connection in this type of industry include:

  • Connection with plugs of conveyors powered by motors, cutting machines (slicers, choppers) and control stations.
  • The power supply of production machines, mixers, packaging units, fans, tanks, mincers.
  • Modular production lines.

Project: Oil and Gas Production Plant
Product Solution: Marechal Electric Decontactors
Application: Oil and Gas

For decades, the fossil energy industry – and especially oil and gas production – has relied on Marechal® to establish the electrical safety of its installations.
Marechal Electric Exconnectors are used on operating platforms, pipelines and refineries, and our products are well tested for a wide range of applications, such as load break, self-ejection or connection of panels and outlets for automation and equipment management.

We offer industrial electrical plugs and socket-outlets for oil refineries, natural gas prospecting, production of natural gas, refining crude oil, offshore oil platforms, oil wells, storage of hydrocarbons and hydraulic fracking.

Project: Food Processing Factory
Product Solution: Marechal Industrial Electrical Outlets

High pressure cleaning, temperature variations, mobility: in these conditions, the Food and Beverage industry requires resistant products. For the power supply of production lines and other conveyors, our industrial electrical socket outlets are ideal because they combine strength and modularity. The applications in this type of industry include:

  • Connection with plugs of conveyors powered by motors, cutting machines (slicers, choppers) and control stations.
  • The power supply of production machines, mixers, packaging units, fans, tanks, mincers.
  • Modular production lines.

Project: National Data Centre
Product Solution: Moxa ModBus gateways for power metering, network switches for HVAC system and PLC
Transport: Critical Power

  • Successful delivery of hundreds of Moxa MGate MB3170 1 advanced serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways.
  • Presales support to provide competitive pricing, on time delivery to meet project deadline with technical support to resolve networking issues.
  • Maintain stock to meet the challenge of global chipset shortage.

Project: Upgrade of Eastern Coast Rail Platform and Carpark Video Surveillance Network
Product Solution: Moxa power over Ethernet switches used at rail platforms
Application: Transport

  • Successful delivery of Hundreds of EDS-G512E-8PoE-4GSFP-T 12-port full Gigabit managed PoE+ Ethernet switches for the three years rollout.
  • Presales support and stock to meet project deadline.
  • Provide customer training to field technicians to expedite the rollout of Moxa switches.

Project: Major Road Work in Sydney
Product Solution: Moxa power over Ethernet injectors to power up VOIP phones and IP cameras
Application: Construction and Transport

  • Successful delivery of thousands of Moxa INJ-24 and INJ-24A-T Gigabit high-power PoE+ injector along major highways in Sydney.
  • Presales support and stock to meet project deadline.

Project:  High Rise Residential Building
Product Solution: Eriflex IBSB Braids
Application: Building and Construction

  • Interfacing between a circuit breaker and busducts can be simplified through the use of the Eriflex IBSB braids.
  • These can be used in parallel or even triple and in these photos the 800A rating is achieved with 2x IBSB 240 mm2 square braids.

Project: Secure IT Facility
Product Solution: nVent Erico 2000A Surge Reduction Filter
Application: IT, Medical Imaging and Communications

Colterlec in conjunction with nVent were able to meet the customers requirements of a 2000A Surge Reduction Filter. The performance of the filter has an Imax of 130kA and a voltage protection level of 500V Line to Neutral which is unique considering that is carrying the full 2000A of the entire site.

Project: Compliance Testing
Product Solution: Omegalec 63kA Injection Transformer
Application: Power

Omegalec offers a wide range of transformers for any application, including transformers used for test equipment Omegalec transformer are used for custom testing facilities and will suit applications for

  • High current testing (Current transformers, protection systems and circuit breakers)
  • High voltage (Hi-Pot compliance testing, cable testing)
  • High frequency (Specialized equipment, 400Hz aircraft equipment and RF analysers)

Single or Polyphase

  • Current up to 63000Amps
  • Voltage up to 100kV
  • Trolley based or fixed
  • Multiple test functions in one unit
  • 1 to 100% duty cycle
  • Resistive load banks used with test systems

Recent High Current Application
The recent supply of a 63kA injection transformer in a specialised test bench enables the end user to carry out full compliance testing including specialised tests that are not readily available on standard test equipment. Test stations like these are custom built and are suited for a wide range of tests such as fault level mechanical checks and heating.
High current injection transformers can be supplied as a separate item or can be incorporated into a complete test solution unit.
Lower current units in the range of 500A to 5kA can be used to test circuit breaker tripping characteristics, current transformer ratios, thermography and protection systems.

High Voltage Applications
Another recent test station was designed and built by Omegalec for the testing of 11kV motors and transformers. This was accomplished by using a specialised injection transformer combined with a fully automatic programmable remote-control system. This transformer is fully automatic with voltage tap changers and earthing links controlled via a remote touch screen controller. This controller was used to control and monitor the testing from a safe distance allowing the operators full control without entering the testing area.

All controls and feedback are part of the Omegalec transformer system. Omegalec can offer a turnkey application offering controllers pre-programmed to suit the testing application.


Project: Canned Fish Food Processing
Product Solution: SM 6000 Series Detecting Fish Cans
Application: Manufacturing

  • Although this environment is clean, the sensors were repeatedly splashed with the oil from the cans. This was causing several
    detection problems and therefore, shutdown times in the production line.
  • SM 6000 Series has been tested for several weeks, with great results.
  • More than 50 sets have been replaced with Telco; and now, the ratio of stoppages for maintenance has been reduced virtually to

Project: Chocolate Food Processing
Product Solution: Telco SMP 8500
Application: Manufacturing

  • In this chocolate factory the customer is using the SMP 8500 MG J. The SMP is mounted on one side of the roller to detect the presence of chocolate.
  • The SMP is set to Normally Closed. It has to be adjusted to not detect the chocolate layer on the roller within a distance of between 150 mm – 180 mm.
  • When the chocolate is not present, ie. feeder is empty, the SMP will detect the roller (shiny surface) and it will activate the output, stopping the roller immediately.

Project: Contactless Car Parking/Entry Ticket Dispensing
Product Solution: Bircher CleanSwitch Sensor
Application: Commercial

  • To alleviate/give the visitors a non contact alternative to dispense the parking ticket from the ticket machine.
  • Installed a Bircher Non Contact CleanSwitch sensor, where you just have to wave your hand in front of the sensor to dispense the ticket.
  • This will reduced the risk of direct contact with any potentially dirty/contaminated surfaces.

Project: Train Detection System
Product Solution: Bircher ProLoop2 Inductive Loops
Application: Transport

  • A sugar milling plant was experiencing issues with the reliability of detecting sugar trains at railroad crossings, to signal the warning lights.
  • The solution, Bircher ProLoop2 Inductive Loops. The Bircher ProLoop2 was installed in conduits above the ground, inside the track/rail, and is guaranteed to the highest level of reliability, as the loop is remotely monitored away from the detector.
  • The reliability has dramatically decreased the false operation of the crossing lights, where vehicles were sometimes held up with no train approaching.

Project: Rapid Roll Doors
Product Solution: Telco Safety Light Curtain
Application: Automatic Door

  • Redesigning extrusion profiles for our range of Rapid Roll Doors and also looking at ways to increase safety features. The Telco Safety Light Curtain from Colterlec fitted perfectly with our extrusion because of its sleek design, and narrow housing.
  • Most competitor doors only offer a Single Cell PE Beam, so the safety benefits of utilising the Telco Light Curtain from Colterlec which features multiple individual sensors in one unit were a fantastic addition to our range by providing increased safety for our automatic doors.
  • Since first using the Telco Light Curtain in 2015 we have found them reliable and easy to install, and integrated seamlessly with our control system.

Project: Substation Battery Tripping Units
Product Solution: Unitronics Vision 700

Omegalec manufacture specialised battery tripping units for electrical substations. Each unit is custom manufactured for the target application, based on proven, standard designs. The primary function of these battery tripping units is to provide a battery power source that is independent from the electricity grid, to operate circuit breakers in electrical substations. It is essential that these circuit breakers can be tripped regardless of any disturbance or interruption of the electricity grid supply. A secondary function is to maintain the batteries fully charged and in good condition. Omegalec tripping units incorporate both the battery supply as well as the automatic charging system.

The Unitronics Vision 700 was chosen as the standard PLC + HMI to operate the system. With the addition of a Snap-in IO module the Vision 700 becomes a compact, complete controller with IO. Different snap-in modules can be used to accommodate varying IO needs of different projects. For example, modules with up to 9 analogue inputs allow versatility to monitor key parameters such as battery voltage, charging current and load current.

Unitronics provide the Visilogic programming software free of charge on their website. Combined with the all-in one architecture, this made programming the HMI and PLC a straightforward task. There is no need to spend extra time programming the exchange of tags between the HMI and PLC, as both parts of the system share the same tag memory. Modbus communications allows for centralised monitoring of the system, for rapid response to any abnormal fault conditions.

Project: Multi-Pump Systems
Product Solution: Unitronics Vision and UniStream Controllers

Multi-pump sets are used in applications where a wide range of flowrate is required. Two or more pumps are connected in parallel, with a common inlet and outlet. At its maximum capacity the multi-pump system behaves like a single large pump. However at varying flowrates a multi-pump system is more efficient and responsive than a single large pump, and can operate at much lower flowrates. To achieve these goals, a multi-pump system requires a smart and capable controller.

Unitronics Vision and UniStream controllers are widely used as multi-pump controllers. They offer an excellent range of features to perform the necessary operations, such as:

  • Start/Stop control
  • Regulation of pressure and/or flow, including PID control
  • Sequencing of Duty/Assist/Standby pumps
  • Rotation of the duty pump to evenly distribute operating hours
  • Level monitoring of the reservoir
  • System protection – low flow, dead head, dry suction, over-pressure
  • Colour touchscreen for local monitoring and control, replaces pushbuttons, lamps and dials
  • Scalable input and output configuration, for different sized systems

In many applications there is a growing concern for careful use of water and the electricity required to move it around. Unitronics controllers offer many built-in features that go beyond the basic operations, allowing manufacturers and operators of the systems to achieve their performance improvement goals. Examples include:

  • SMS and email messaging for fast notification of alarm conditions
  • Remote view and operation of the controller
  • UniCloud hosted solution with dashboards and overall view of connected controllers
  • Precise and detailed data logging
  • Database and IIoT connectivity (SQL, MQTT, RestAPI, OPC-UA)
  • Device network connectivity (Modbus, Ethernet/IP, BACnet)

Multi-pump sets are found in many diverse applications, such as mine dewatering, tailings dams, flood mitigation, storm water harvesting, agricultural irrigation, town water supply, town wastewater management, irrigation of sporting fields, equipment washdown, water recycling and re-pressurisation in large urban buildings.