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OmegaLec is an Australian-owned business engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of quality power conversion products that can be customised according to the customers’ needs. The various options provided by OmegaLec include high current, high voltage, UPS systems, panel mounting, variable laboratory types and many more.

  • Transformers
  • Power Supplies
  • System Management Chargers
  • Test Equipment
  • Electrical Designs and Assembly
  • Electronic Design and Manufacture
  • Maintenance Services

Includes single-phase, three-phase, isolated, autotransformer, 1000V mining, fused, open, enclosed and custom terminations.

Power Supplies

Includes AC to DC power supply, DC to DC convertor, DC to AC inverter, Linear, Switchmode, Industrial, DIN rail, open, enclosed, special voltages, status and alarm outputs, custom enclosures, custom terminations, AC and DC UPS.

System Management Chargers

Includes substation tripping, high-capacity / high-demand DC backup power source, monitoring and automated battery management.

Test Equipment

Custom designed and manufactured to suit your specifications.

Electrical Design and Assembly

Includes layout of electrical panels, full workshop, assembly and testing, one-off units, batch production.

Electronic Design and Manufacture

Includes printed circuit boards, prototyping, contract manufacture, signal isolators, signal interfaces, Industrial electronics and live line indicators.

Maintenance Services

Includes repairs, calibration, configuration, programming, inspection and testing.

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