What Our Clients Say

Mark Betcher, 
Blacktown City Switchboards

“Netec products play a small but integral part of our manufacturing process, and with the bonus that they are Australian made. Coupled with the excellent service from Colterlec, it is a product that we are happy to use.”

Brendan Mudd, Electrical Engineer,
Rix’s Creek

“The range of Excalibur enclosures meets our unique requirements. They were able to be adapted to our changing circumstances – perfect in every application.”

Andrew Wilson, Electrician Galvanizing Maintenance
OneSteel Wire

“I just wanted to say thanks to Fluke for their excellent service. My staff and I are very pleased with the Fluke meters we have recently purchased.”

David Jones, Electrical Network Engineer,
PWCS Assets Department

“Having had exposure to the range of Alpha UPS systems, I am delighted to see that the company commitment, passion and drive for excellence is still thriving.””

Joe Taylor

“Marechal have high quality dependable products. We use Marechal plugs and decontactors in hazardous environments for their safety and reliability.”

Michael Kearney,

“My test equipment needs to be accurate and easy to use in difficult environments, which is why we use Fluke. Fluke meters and imagers give me the information I need and can take the punishment of daily use out in the field.”

Glen Ogston,
Readings Lismore

“Readings Engineering use and recommend APCS Signal Conditioning Products in their machines. APCS is a quality Australian manufactured product we have been using for the last 30 years or more, and our machines are sent all over the world in mining environments, so reliability is of the utmost importance, and the service provided by Colterlec has been excellent.”

Paul Dent,
RCR Infrastructure, O’Donnell Griffin, Haden

“We have used Erico’s surge protection products for many years and find the quality is first class. Erico also provide great service and support.”

Liam Parker, Electrical Design / Estimator,
Downer Australia

“We use and recommend Netec products including bars, links and standoff insulators. Netec is a quality Australian manufactured product and the service provided is excellent.”

Kevin Liang,

“Analogue meters are frequently demanded in our projects. I choose to use Crompton Instruments meters. They are very reliable with fast lead times. The service we receive is fantastic, which allows us to adopt change quickly from our customers when required.”

Aaron McGregor, Switchboard Estimator,
J.A.Martin Electrical

“My experience over the years with many different variable speed drive has led me to recommend the Danfoss VSD. We mainly used this product in the mining and water sectors. We have found them to be very reliable, easy to use, cost effective and have good product support. We will continue to support Colterlec / Danfoss into the future. “

George Trypas, Electrical Projects Manager
IS Systems Pty Ltd

“We have been using Crompton Instruments and Kraus and Naimer Switches for a number of years and these products are excellent and Colterlec Pty Ltd is company which satisfies our needs for delivery, pricing and back up service.”

Robert Donnelly, Director,
Martin Donnelly Pty Ltd

“Martin Donnelly Pty Ltd, electrical services, has been involved in the commercial construction sector in the ACT for 15 years. After years of oxy / Acetylene welding cable to cable connections, with the associated inefficiency and waste, we were keen to find a better way. The ERICO CADWELD provided the solution we were looking for. Its moulds provide a quick and efficient way to make horizontal X-style and lapped connections on either concentric stranded or solid cable. We have seen a marked improvement in efficiency – the CADWELD connection allows the connections to be made in half the time – and reduction in waste cable. The CADWELD ONE SHOT, a single use ceramic mould, has lived up to its promise and made easy the production of a permanent exothermic connection to a ground rod. The cost of training our personnel was rapidly recovered with significant savings in terms of time and reductions in waste cable. We would have no hesitation in recommending the ERICO CADWELD system.”

Jonathan Douce, Electrical Engineer,
UON Pty Ltd

Quick Earth Continuity and Earth Leakage Relays Solution: As a Rio-Tinto’s subcontractor for Dewatering Projects UON had encountered major issues with an existing model of Earth Continuity Relay and Earth Leakage Relay proposed by the client Rio Tinto on the latter’s Western Turner Site. UON had tried everything possible to remedy the problem but in vain and sought help from Perth Colterlec through Gary Allen. The response in obtaining suitable Bramco branded replacements was prompt and precise. Perth Colterlec did exactly what was expected and more. UON was able to provide a very quick solution to Rio Tinto. The units are functioning with no issues at Western Turner

Bob Bishop
Engineered Control Systems regarding Omegalec

“I have been using Omegalec battery chargers now for many years in generator control systems. The chargers are top quality and I have never had one fail. Facilities can be added to the chargers at minimal cost such as a discharge test, monitoring of the centre point of the batteries to early detect battery failure. Other facilities such as earth fault detection and the like can also be added. If there is something special you require just ask. Colterlec also provide me with meters, CTs, current monitors and all manner of things from Crompton Instruments as I have a requirement for these items. Quick and courteous service is the norm.”

Mike Malone, Plant Electrician,
Inghams Enterprises Pty Limited

“We prefer to use Danfoss VSD’s on site because they are reliable, user friendly to program and have features which suit each individual application we need them for. I have replaced other brands with Danfoss for their reliability and the high quality of service and support from Danfoss and Colterlec.”

Nick Rowe, Manager,
BE Switchcraft

“We have used Crompton Instruments products for over 30 years, the build quality, reliability and service are second to none.”