Mining in Australia is harsh and complicated business. Prospective mining projects need to be articulated, discussed and managed throughout each stage of their life cycle. Colterlec are mining industry specialists, offering experienced support systems critical to success in today’s innovative engineering world .

Colterlec’s Australia wide presence is evidenced by its high inventory visibility ensuring improved downtime and operational efficiency with all of its exploration and mining customers. Colterlec’s experience in helping mining companies combines clarity with product analogy ,accurate effective quotations and state of the art solutions for all opportunities.


Colterlec is a key supplier of Industrial Grade Networking products to the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) and Rail market in Australia.

Throughout the years, thousands of Power Over Ethernet injectors were deployed via various system integrators to major road works in different states supporting the road side video surveillance and VOIP phones.

Working closely with the government authorities, Colterlec also supplied industrial grade embedded computers and serial device servers to tunnels and bridges supporting the road signages and speed limits while industrial Ethernet switches are also key components for road safety compliance and public transport security.


Colterlec Australia is a specialist in providing and delivering of products and solutions in the toughest environment of the Utility sector. We are a value-added supplier in the test, measure and protection of power generators, customised quality solutions in power conversion and management.

Together with smart substation automation, electrical, instrumentation and control technology, Colterlec continues to supply high value and innovative products, providing a safe, reliable, and secure OT environment in the water, renewable energy and power energy sectors.

Water | Waste water

Water and safe wastewater services is paramount and an  integral to the Australian way of life, a valuable resource that supports almost every part of our lives that is used throughout nearly all industries and in many goods and services that we rely on.

To keep up with Australia’s growing demand the water industry is adopting many new technologies and innovative approaches.

Colterlec, along with our comprehensive water industry experience are able to offer, state of the art electrical, control and process engineering products that meet the high demand within the treatment of water, water catchment and asset management processes.

With Australia wide representation and a highly qualified customer service team, Colterlec is able to deliver a professional, efficient and reliable service that ensures accurate component selection, pricing and availability that covers the vast array of the Water industry needs.

Electrical Contractors

As Solution providers for Electrical Contractors across Australia we are happy to offer technical product support and efficiencies to match the urgency of the industry, Colterlec are your proven reliable choice.

We pride ourselves on continual evolution allowing for our driven staff to be up to date with the latest product innovations.

No matter your project size or location we understand the daily needs of electrical contracting. We will always provide a solution.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing is Australia’s largest manufacturing industry. Quality and safety are paramount, with strict safety standards regulated and enforced along the supply chain. The Australian food and beverage industry is continually adopting innovative manufacturing, packaging and product development advancements. From paddock to port, the industry is supported by reliable and world-class transport and distribution infrastructure.

Colterlec supply a wide range of products and solutions to the food and beverage industry nationwide, to align with new technologies and innovations within the industry. Our offerings include high technology automation sensors, including barcode and vision solutions, through to machine safety systems, automation drives, UPS, industrial networking, test and measurement tools, HMI’s and stainless enclosures.

Colterlec have the technical expertise to provide the best fit for purpose outcome, to ensure your operation runs safely and at maximum efficiency.

Heavy Industry

Heavy industry is dominated by large companies, being both capital and maintenance intensive, requiring significant investment in heavy equipment, building and property, large machinery, and extensive infrastructure.

In Australia, these mostly rugged industries include Aerospace, Mining, Oil, Gas and Steel production.

The demand for energy, construction, mining, and other heavy industry will continue to grow as the global population grows and Colterlec will continue to be a pivotal supplier of global leading brands to meet heavy industry expectations.

Switchboard Manufacturing

Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic switchboards are a pivotal component withing the electrical network. Switchboards provide safe and efficient electrical distribution to all homes and business’ globally, therefore it is imperative to select the right equipment.

Colterlec have 50 years’ experience in providing engineered solutions for all aspects of a build, from energy monitoring, surge protection, switchgear, busbar connections, enclosures, earthing, safety measures and much more…

Working with engineering firms through to the switchboard manufacturers all the way to the end user, Colterlec is there every step of the way.

Electrical Wholesalers

Colterlec’s continued support and commitment to wholesale is steadfast. Recent growth in the channel has developed exponentially, becoming a focal part of our overall business.

Trading partnerships from local independents to major multi-nationals enable network breadth for our brand and products, supporting the likes of electrical contractors, national wholesale contracts and corporate accounts.

Stocking branches in both regional and metro locations is at its peak. Our high quality product basket, market competitiveness, technical support and overall capabilities continue to enhance value in our channel proposition.


HVAC in Australia is fast-paced and competitive. This is a market that demands quality and cost-effective products with short delivery times. Colterlec have been working with the HVAC industry for many years, we have products in our range that are specifically designed for the unique requirements of the Australian HVAC market.

Colterlec’s products are from some of the best-known global brands, we support it locally with trained and experienced sales and technical personnel. Whether it’s motor control (DOL, star-delta, soft-starter and VSD), power distribution, instrumentation (process and power) or control, Colterlec has the products and experience you can trust.