Our Brands

Crompton Instruments

The largest product offering of power measurement, control and protection instrumentation.


Producer of low-voltage AC drives in power range from 0.18kW to 5.3.W with a wide variety of built-in functionality.


Expertise in power distribution and circuit protection, control and automation and engineering services.

Excalibur Enclosures

World Leader in the manufacture and supply of a diverse range of Electrical Enclosures.

Phoenix Lighting

World Leader in the manufacture and supply of a diverse range of Industrial Lighting solutions.


The world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools.


50 years of research and development has produced a range of Marechal decontactors.


Provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, automation and IIot.

nVent Erico

Leading Global manufacturer of engineered electrical and fastening products.

nVent Eriflex

A leading global provider of low-voltage power distribution and grounding solutions.


Supplies and manufactures industrial transformers and battery chargers.

Phoenix Contact

Global market leader an innovator in the field of electrical engineering connection and automation technology.


Delivering Electrical Engineering Innovation

Telemecanique Sensors

Experts in sensing solutions and the detection industry.

Versa Distribution Boards

Distribution Boards designed and built in Australia.


Experts in Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.


The leading Australian designer, manufacturer and supplier of reliable signal conditioning modules.

Auer Signal

Auer Signal is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of signalling equipment and is present in over 70 countries today.

Banner Engineering

Manufacturer of industrial automation products for sensing, wireless, safety, vision and lighting applications.

Bircher Smart Access

Develops, manufactures and sells detector systems that are convenient and save energy.


Technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets.


Innovate sensing solutions for industrial automation and manufacturing.


Data loggers engineered for extreme environments such as steam, ethylene oxide, heat tunnels and more.


A unique range of safety monitoring relays and programmable safety controllers design for small compact machinery.


Developing and manufacturing of special purpose sensors for automation applications.

Fluke Instruments

Noncontact temperature measurement and profiling equipment made for the most demanding environments.

Fortress Interlocks

Designs and manufactures robust trapped key safety systems.


The leader in linear and rotary position sensing, programmable limit switches and cam switches in robust housings.

Grace Technologies

Innovative products that reduce the risk of arc flash and electrocution.


Manufactures a breadth of industrial limit switches.

Joslyn Clark

Manufacturer of high-quality Vacuum Contactors for industry and mining.

Kraus & Naimer

A Global leader in electrical switchgear and accessories.

Leine Linde

Develops and manufactures customised and quality encoder solutions.


Specialises in laser-based systems for in-line, non-contact dimensional and defect measurements.

Mechan Controls

Design and manufactures reliable, cost effective, non-contact safety switches.


Manufacturer of a full range of earth and neutral links. 

Telco Sensors

High performance and reliable sensing solutions for the most demanding applications.


All-in-one Programmable Logic Controllers with integrated HMI panels. 


Specialise in HMI products to connect with a wide range of industrial controllers.