Fluke 1587 / I400 FC 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter with i400 Current Clamp Kit

The 1587 FC kit includes the Fluke 1587 FC 2-in-1 Insulation DMM and the Fluke i400 Current Clamp. With the Fluke 1587 FC, perform insulation tests, plus a wide-range of DMM tasks with confidence and ease. Use the Fluke i400 with your Fluke 1587 FC to accurately measure AC current without breaking the circuit

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The Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter features four powerful new diagnostic functions through the Fluke Connect Measurements app:

  • Pl/DAR timed ratio tests with TrendIt™ graphs identifies moisture and contaminated insulation problems faster
  • Memory storage through Fluke Connect eliminates writing down results, reduces errors and saves data for historical tracking over time
  • Temperature Compensation through app for establishing accurate baselines and relevant historical comparisons
  • Historical tracking and trending of assets identifies degradation over time, allows real-time decisions to be made in the field with Fluke Connect® Assets

The Fluke i400 AC CurrentClamp is a high-safety current clamp for digital multimeters. The current clamp provides accurate current measurements without breaking electric circuits, helping you take measurements safely with industry standard safety ratings.

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