Are you ready to break through these barriers and enjoy the benefits of remote service?

The new normal has accelerated the digital transformation of many industries and has completely changed the way we work. As a result, the demand for remote service is rising dramatically.

In the industrial world, two key components of remote service are the ability to manage the network and maintain devices from anywhere, at any time. This technology helps both maximize efficiency and minimise business downtime. However, there are multiple barriers hindering the use of remote service, such as complex configurations and cybersecurity concerns.

Simplify Network Management

Facility Owners Need…
Centralised Network Management for Scattered Facilities
                      1. An easy-to-use remote network management solution
                      2. Simplify third party collaboration through on-demand access control
Service Provider /System Integrators Need…
Remote Network Monitoring and Maintenance as a Service
                  1. Improve troubleshooting efficiency by quickly locating problems with visualisation tools
                  2. Encrypted remote access to ensure the customer’s network cybersecurity
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Download our application note to find out how Moxa solutions can help you as facility owners, service providers, and system integrators realise easier remote network management.

Simplify Device Maintenance

Service Providers, System Integrators, and Machine Builders Need…
Remote Device Maintenance as a Service
                    1. Take advantage of cloud-based remote access with MRC Quick Link
                    2. No need to purchase multiple dedicated PCs and software licenses
                    3. Provide OT-centric cybersecurity protection, ensuring the security of operations

Featured Solutions

Industrial network management software
  • View the Network Status at a Glance
  • Back Up and Restore Configurations With Ease
  • Minimise Downtime Through Instant Alerts

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Moxa Remote Connect
Remote connection management platform
  • Easy-to-use Central Management
  • Enhanced Security
  • Flexible Connectivity

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