Embracing Digital Transformation in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Networks and devices are becoming more interconnected, and the scale of networks keeps growing. Having clear network visualisation is essential to efficiently configure devices and maintain systems on a large scale. Simplified management tailored to OT users can help facilitate network configuration and management, especially for applications with special requirements.

As a key component of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) use digital connectivity technology to achieve more efficient traffic management and build more convenient, safer, and greener transportation.

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System Requirements
  • Reliable and resilient Gigabit network backbone for current and future needs.
  • PoE switches for simplified installation.
  • Secure networking and communications for critical data.
  • Easy-to-use network management software to increase maintenance efficiency.
Why Moxa
  • Gigabit devices with robust redundancy technology for resilient, high-bandwidth networks.
  • High-capacity PoE to power outdoor PTZ IP cameras.
  • Layered network defence with security-hardening network devices and threat protection.
  • Simplified network management with intuitive visualisation software.

Applying Digital Transformation in Industrial Applications

As more and more transportation infrastructure systems are becoming interconnected, reliable data communication will be essential.


Build future usability and reliability for seamless data transmission and integration needs


Secure networking solutions designed for OT engineers help ensure both network protection and availability

Simplified Management

Moxa intuitive software can help reduce complexity and simplify device configuration and network management

Product Solutions


Industrial Managed


Industrial Secure

NPort 6000

Secure Terminal

MXview Management Software

Industrial Network Management Software

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