Weintek WiFi Hotspot of cMT X HMI plus M02 WiFi Module

WiFi-enabled devices, having few installation and wiring restrictions, are ideal for mobile application, remote monitoring and device maintenance. Normally, these devices connect to networks via wireless Access Point (AP). For cMT X HMI with M02 WiFi module, however, it can not only connect to wireless AP but also switch to WiFi hotspot mode and function as an AP itself.

A Variety of Applications
1. Monitoring HMI Remotely

The WiFi hotspot allows smartphones or laptops to wirelessly connect to HMI, which is suitable for HMI monitoring and maintenance.

2. Connecting to Devices on Local Network

In an application where an AGV, LGV, or stacker is used, it is nearly impossible to debug or adjust parameters when the vehicle is moving. Now with WiFi hotspot, the maintenance staff can simply connect to an HMI’s hotspot and then access devices that are on the same network as the HMI, via HMI’s wired connection.

3. Connecting Other Devices to Internet

The HMI which has internet access via Ethernet or 3G/4G dongle can also share its internet connection with another wireless device by hotspot.

Easy Configuration

Enabling WiFi hotspot is as simple as toggling settings on a smartphone. All you need to do is to set the SSID and password from a browser or on the HMI, and hotspot will be ready.

*The hotspot feature can be easily enabled from a browser or on the HMI.

Overall, the hotspot feature of cMT X HMI plus M02 WiFi module offers many advantages. It not only makes device maintenance and management less time-consuming, but also adds flexibility to the system design and implementation in many applications.

WiFi Feature Highlights