Moxa Joins the Open Invention Network Community

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2, 2019 — Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community in history, announced today that Moxa has joined as a community member. As a leading provider of industrial edge-to-cloud connectivity solutions and computing for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments, Moxa demonstrates its commitment to open source software (OSS) to enable advanced industrial networking and communications applications.

“As IoT will herald new products and services for consumers, IIoT will do the same in reshaping industrial production,” said Keith Bergelt, Chief Executive Officer of Open Invention Network. “The vast majority of IoT and IIoT platforms use embedded Linux. The mountains of data produced by these devices are processed using OSS solutions like Hadoop, running on x86 machines servers that have Linux. IoT and its key innovations rely heavily on open source. We greatly appreciate Moxa’s leadership in joining OIN and supporting patent non-aggression in Linux and adjacent open source technologies.”

“With the IIoT reshaping what is possible in industrial settings—improving productivity, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing customer choice—we view Linux and other open source projects as key enablers in the IIoT,” said Peter Kohlschmidt, Chief Technology Officer at Moxa. “The success of the IIoT is predicated on the ability to connect and manage widely distributed sensors and devices across numerous vertical industries, and compute the data effectively on an industrial scale. We help our customers by developing innovative industrial-grade Linux distribution that enables them to accomplish these activities. By joining OIN, we are demonstrating our commitment to building an interoperable industrial-grade open source platform for providing secure, reliable, and sustainable features, and supporting it with a pledge of patent non-aggression.”

OIN’s community practices patent non-aggression in core Linux and adjacent open source technologies by cross-licensing Linux System patents to one another on a royalty-free basis. Patents owned by OIN are similarly licensed royalty-free to any organization that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System. The OIN license can be signed online at

About Open Invention Network

Open Invention Network (OIN) is the largest patent non-aggression community in history and supports freedom of action in Linux as a key element of open source software (OSS). Patent non-aggression in core technologies is a cultural norm within OSS, so that the litmus test for authentic behavior in the OSS community includes OIN membership. Funded by Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony, SUSE, and Toyota, OIN has more than 3,000 community members and owns more than 1,300 global patents and applications. The OIN patent license and member cross-licenses are available royalty-free to any party that joins the OIN community. For more information, visit