Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON Speed Starters

Speed Starters with intuitive operation

The Speed Starter is the new device class between motor starters and frequency converters with a particularly intuitive operation. This compact solution provides all of the functions necessary for different speeds, soft start, and safe stopping with the Safe Torque Off (STO) function.

CONTACTRON Speed Starters

The Speed Starter (CONTACTRON Speed Starter) features simple operation with various speeds, from normal speed, creeping speed, and soft start, all the way to energy efficiency and ramping functions.

The Advantages of the Phoenix Contact Speed Starters

Simple, Safe and Efficient

The CONTACTRON Speed Starters are available in a wide range of versions:
Performance classes between 0.25 and 1.5 kW, with and without EMC filter, and with 1- or 3-phase mains inlet. Select the appropriate product for your application.

Quick Installation and Startup

Easy wiring and intuitive operation concept: The Plug and Play solution allows an easy startup. You can set the required parameters quickly and efficiently via the position selector switch/rotary switch. CONTACTRON Speed Starter – the intuitive solution for a variety of motor applications with different speeds.

Safe Shutdown with Safe Torque Off (STO)

With the integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function, the CONTACTRON Speed Starter is unique in its device class. Thus, you benefit from two-channel, safe shutdown without complex procedures and without additional contactors. SIL 3 and PLe certifications provide for your safety.

Saving Space in the Control Cabinet

In a compact design with an overall width starting at just 35 mm, the CONTACTRON Speed Starter is currently the narrowest device in its class available on the market. Higher density in the control cabinet will save you additional costs.

Cost Effective Solution

The new speed starter has all the basic functions of CONTACTRON motor starters that you need: start, reverse rotation, overload protection, and safe shutdown of three-phase asynchronous motors. You can realise different speeds as well as the soft start and stop of the motor at full torque. You get the exact functionality you need.

The Operating Concept

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Overview of all Functions

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All Features at a Glance

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