Build with Complete Confidence

To drive the All Electric Society forward, “Complete Cabinet Confidence” is the preeminent program to build cabinet solutions for electrification, networking, and automation. Unrivalled warranties, commitments on pricing, product availability assurances, highly efficient digital and ecommerce platforms, plus IoT or Industry 4.0 readiness.

New Quick Reference Guide

With over 68 pages dedicated to the topic of Complete Cabinet Confidence, discover our extensive portfolio for control cabinet building. A comprehensive product and service offering that ensures the most functional, reliable, innovative, future proof, and cost-effective control cabinet solution.

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Availability Guarantee

Phoenix Contact offers “Availability Guarantee” for a range of products to meet your project needs, all ready for dispatch.
We are your project partners – we help you build effective and efficient systems fast by providing you your products right when you need them. Our most in-demand products are guaranteed to be always in stock and ready for delivery.

Lifetime Warranty

Dedication to quality and innovation, united with our strong commitment to provide customer peace-of-mind, form the foundation of this exclusive Phoenix Contact warranty program.

For customers participating in our Complete Cabinet Confidence Lifetime Warranty (LW) program, Phoenix Contact Australia will warrant many of our products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. Registration is required, and certain restrictions apply.

*Improperly applied or installed products may void warranty. See the complete terms and conditions for full details.

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Power Reliability

Solution for High System Availability

The heart of your installation, all control systems are dependent on being properly powered and protected. Surge and circuit protection, UPS backup, and redundant power solutions are the foundation on which reliable control systems should be built.

> Surge protection and lightning protection
> Power supplies
> Device circuit breakers
> Efficient energy monitoring for efficient energy management

Connectivity, Switching and Conversion

Switch and Connect Easily

Never take a good connection for granted, the connection of those wires, the switching and/or isolation of the signals are only as reliable as the quality of the terminations and electronics.

> Terminal Blocks
> Relays
> Motor Starters
> Signal Conditioner

Automation, Network and Safety

Cutting Edge Technologies

From single components to complete integrated systems, Phoenix Contact provides cost-effective, reliable solutions for Industrial networking, Automation and Safety.

> Automation
> Networks
> Safety

Shopfloor Productivity

Efficient Control Cabinet Building

Efficiently building a quality control cabinet starts with what you use to build it. A thoughtful selection of products to reduce cost and save time translates directly to the bottom-line profitability of any shop floor

> Automatic Tools for conductor assembly
> Industrial Printer for professional marking
> Control Cabinet Building

Device Connectors

Connect your way!

Discover our wide range of new products for the transmission of signals, data, and power. Reliable and cost effective solutions including Circular Connectors, Data ports, Connectors for Energy Storage and many more

> Single Pair Ethernet
> Data Connectors for Smart Networks
> Lever-actuated PCB Terminal Blocks
> SPC 4 PCB Connectors

Availability Guarantee Terms and Conditions
Phoenix Contact ensures that eligible products will be available at the time of order. In the unlikely event that a guaranteed stock item is unavailable in the required quantity, you will be notified via phone or email within 24 hours.
In such cases, Phoenix Contact offers two options:
• On-the-spot 100% refund: If the item is unavailable, you can receive an immediate refund.
• 10% discount: Alternatively, if you are willing to wait for the item, Phoenix Contact will offer you a 10% discount on that item in the order.
This commitment to availability guarantee ensures that your project needs are met promptly and efficiently. Whether you’re building effective systems or working on critical projects, Phoenix Contact has you covered with readily available products.
To request a quote or for more information call 1300 36 26 26 or email our friendly team at