Measure electrical systems up to 9000MVA at accuracies of up to 0.2S class

Crompton Instruments Integra 1422 multifunction meters have been designed for industrial on-site applications, where the precise measurement of electrical parameters like AC voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, Energy (Active / Reactive / Apparent), phase angle, power factor, individual harmonics & many more is required.

The instrument integrates accurate measurement technology (All Voltages and current measurements are True RMS upto 31st Harmonic) the LCD display is backlit.

It can be configured and programmed on-site for the following : PT Primary, PT Secondary, CT Primary, CT Secondary 3 Phase 3W, 3 Phase 4W, 1 Phase 2W system.

The instrument has two optional digital outputs available as pulse or alarm with programmable pulse duration and width. This instrument also has two optional digital inputs for monitoring the external contact status, pulse counting and/or energy accumulation according to tariff.

The Integra 1422 multifunction instrument is a panel mounted 96 x 96mm DIN.

Key Features
  • True RMS measurements up to 31st Harmonic
  • Programmable CT/PT Primary
  • Programmable CT/PT Secondary
  • Compliant to IEC 61557-12 and IEC 62053-22.
  • Multiple communication outputs for BMS systems
  • Single phase 2 wire, 3ph3wire or 3ph4wire Network
  • Pre-Paid Cost Based Energy Tripping
  • Up to 9000 MVA (L-N) Dual Tariff
  • Health monitoring of 3ph load 5 Digits ultra bright back lit LCD display
  • Historical values stored after reset 96x96mm DIN
  • Connection via Modbus or Ethernet
  • 2 Digital Input and 2 Digital Output
  • Relay Output
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