Prepare for a future of data with continuous data monitoring and collection.
  • Automatically collect, integrate, and analyse patient biological data around the clock to establish a research database.
  • Instantly deliver data to handheld devices used by doctors and nurses. Even when doctors are not on site, they can immediately understand their patients’ conditions, thus reducing treatment response time.
  • Doctors can remotely and instantly grasp patients’ biological data and case history information.
  • No need to manually record data, freeing up time otherwise spent on copying data.
  • Medical staff can focus on tasks such as caring for the patients, performing diagnoses, and providing treatment. This reduces patient and family anxiety while enhancing medical service quality.
  • Enhance transmission precautions
Transforming Existing
Equipment On Site

Applications of Moxa’s IoT products in hospitals

  • Endoscope cleaning rooms
  • Hemodialysis centers
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Hematology Analysers

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A three-stage process for smart healthcare

Using medical IoT devices and increasing data capture to improve doctor-patient relations


Reduce pressure on front-line medical staff in contacting patients

  • Reduce doctor–patient contact to minimize infection risk.
  • Reduce medical human resources in monitoring vital signs.
  • Increase treatment efficiency.
  • Conduct one-to-many monitoring via online platforms.

Increase care quality at long-term care facilities

  • Connect data between medical institutions to facilitate medical treatment.
  • Compile historical data to predict infection risk.
  • Guidance for preventive care.
  • Prevent medical resource shortages in remote areas.

Interdisciplinary integration and precision medicine

  • Benefit from big data.
  • Compile historical data to predict patient disease processes.
  • Integrate patient data for personalized healthcare.
  • Develop new treatments, medicines, and precision diagnosis/testing.
Why Moxa

Bringing legacy devices into an Ethernet-based network requires expert knowledge. Engineers often face three main challenges: ensuring reliable connectivity, strengthening security, and simplifying the manageability of networks.

With Moxa, connecting your medical devices with serial interface is easier than you think. With our more than 30 years of expertise in serial connectivity, we offer easy-to-use solutions to make sure all kinds of serial devices can be connected to an Ethernet-based network or to the cloud. Moreover, our enhanced security features and mass device management tools make the lives of engineers easy during system operation.

Multiple Connectivity

Choices from serial to Ethernet, from proprietary to standard protocols, fulfill all connectivity requirements.

Easy to Use

Intuitive user interfaces to simplify configuration and operation, making connectivity simple and easy.

Industrial Reliability

Industrial-approved quality that endures harsh environments for any of your industrial applications.

Security-Hardened Ethernet Switches

NPort 5000 Series Serial Device Services
NPort Wireless Series Wireless Device Servers
NPort 6000 Series
Secure Terminal Servers
Serial Port
1-2 (NPort 5650-DT 2Ethernet port with 1 IP)
(NPort 6400/6600 series,
Max. 2 Ethernet or 2Fibre)
Serial Isolation Model (optional)
(NPort 5400/5600 series)
(Standard Model)
Wide Temperature (optional)
Login Authentication
Password Protection
Password Protection
  • Password Protection
  • Authentication servers (RACIUS/TACACS+)
Network Access Control
  • Unused severices can be disabled
  • Unused severices can be disabled
  • HTTPS (at least TLS 1.2 with the support of public certificate import)
  • SSH/SNMPv3
  • Unused services and be disabled
Nessus Scanning Result (Default)
Medium/High/Critical bugs fixed
Medium/High/Critical bugs fixed
     Low/Medium/High/Critical bugs fixed
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