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Auer Signal ICM M22 Panel Mount LED Multi-Strobe Beacon: Red 24V AC/DC

  • Ø 45 mm panel-mount LED multi-strobe beacon
  • Good signaling effect
  • High degree of protection IP 65
  • User-friendly connection technology thanks to plug-in screw terminal
  • Prewired model versions with IP 67 on request
  • Modern LED technology and electronics
  • 2 different strobe patterns, can be switched externally
  • For industrial and general applications
  • Panel size Ø 22.5 mm/M22
  • Adapter available for M30.5 mm panel size

$96.95 Excluding GST

The most comprehensive M22 built-in signal device series is available in three sizes: Ø 30 mm, Ø 45 mm und Ø 65 mm. The high luminosity and signal effect is seen frontally and laterally due to the calotte. The luminaire is particularly durable and vibration-resistant, with a high degree of protection of IP65 and IP67 for prewired models.

The M22 series buzzer, the loudest installation buzzer available on the market, is available as an add-on for the installation series.  The high sound pressure level (max. 100 dB) is mostly infinitely variable. Luminaire models with LED technology can be upgraded to an optical-acoustic combination with the piezo buzzer. Sound and light can be synchronised or separately controlled.

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