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Riello UPS offers a vast range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) based on several different state-of-the-art technological architectures such as PowerBox, SuperCaps UPS and Smart Grid Ready UPS. Riello UPS often provides ad hoc solutions in the event of large tenders or commissions.

Riello UPS range includes Online, Offline and Line-interactive UPS

Online (VFI) UPS systems are regarded as ‘high-end’ and employ more sophisticated technology which uses a rectifier and inverter, hence “double-conversion”. This effectively isolates the load from virtually all types of power supply problems.

Sentinel Pro UPS 700-3000VA

Sentinel Dual (Low Power) 1000-3000VA

Sentinel Dual (High Power) 3.3-10KVA

Sentinel Dual SDU 5-10KVA

Sentinel Green Power 6-20KVA

Sentinel Power 5-10KVA

Net Power 600-2000VA

Vision 800-2000VA

Vision Dual 1100-3000VA

The output voltage is the same as the input. There is no corrections as stabilizers, filters or surge arresters (varistors).

Idialog 400-1600VA

Idialog Rack 600-1200VA

The output voltage is NOT independent of the input, but there is a stabilization that reduces variations. Corresponds to a Line-Interactive UPS with AVR function

Net Power 600-2000VA

Vision 800-2000VA

Vision Dual 1100-3000VA